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About Adult Babies

AB/DLs (or ABDLs) is an acronym for "Adult Baby Diaper Lover" - someone who enjoys role-playing as a baby, wearing adult diapers, or both. Some diaper lovers are adult babies, but not always.

Adult Baby Lifestyle

Engaging in baby play can be either an infrequent, "special occasion" behaviour, or a daily pursuit. Many adult babies make it a part of their daily life to spend a little time being an adult baby each day.

Whatever the frequency, adult babies typically enjoy:

  1. Wearing adult diapers that are similar to or resemble baby diapers, including a thick, plastic outer shell and/or baby prints
  2. Wearing jumpers or adult-sized baby clothing
  3. Drinking from an adult sized bottle
  4. Having an adult-sized soother
  5. Having additional child-like items like a baby blanket, crib, stuffed animals, etc.

Adult Baby Sexual Fetish

Clinically speaking, engaging in an adult baby lifestyle for sexual enjoyment is referred to as "paraphilic infantalism", and its commonly referred to as a fetish.

​For those who are aroused by pretending to be an adult baby, they may also enjoy having a partner scold or punish them for making a mess in their diapers.

Adult Baby Non-Sexual Activity

However, not all adult babies engage in role play for sexual gratification. Often, they choose to "infantalise" for the feeling of nurturing or comfort associated with being a baby or being treated like a baby by a partner.

​If the adult baby has a partner who is into it, they may engage in parent-baby role-play including being dressed, bathed, powdered and changed into diapers before being put to bed with a baby bottle.


Men vs Women
Studies of AB/DL website participants have shown that the majority of adult babies tend to be men, and most started showing an interest in the lifestyle around puberty. Women are generally less likely to be openly ABDL, but are more likely to be willing to engage in parent-child co-play and treating an adult baby like a baby.

ABDLs and Pedophilia
Adult babies are adults that enjoy playacting in a childish or infantile way, and clinical sexologists have consistently stated that there is no association with pedophilia. Often, the role playing of being an adult baby is fundamentally non-sexual as babies have no sex drive!

However, as people often start to show interest in the ABDL world around puberty, there is a common risk for underage teens to enter the community either online or in real life, where they may be preyed on by pedophiles. Because the ABDL lifestyle is commonly considered erotic for many ABDLs, underage boys and girls should not be encouraged to go to websites where they will be exposed to sexually explicit content.


It's important to remember that whether you're an adult baby, a diaper lover, or both, it's more common that publicly acknowledged and there are thousands of people around the world in all cultures who enjoy it, too.

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