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Who We Are and What We're All About

Our goal is to offer the widest selection of ABDL diapers, with great product images, and a completely discreet experience from what appears on your credit card to what appears on your doorstep.  We looked at the other online shops that were selling ABDL products and thought that the market was being very underserved in the US and Canada. Most sites had limited selection of adult diapers, very little for adult babies, and they were always out of stock.  ABDLers having to wait weeks or even months for their products to arrive from some companies.  Usually you had to try to find a European provider that shipped over here, with a 50/50 shot at it getting "lost" in transit.  Not the kind of odds I would take a risk on.  So, after humming and hawing over it for a couple of years, we teamed with a webdesign partner and a 3rd party logistics company in the healthcare space to build a great, safe, fun website that shoppers could actually enjoy.

Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t just “genie blink” and POOF! we had a company.  The biggest barriers we had to overcome were:

1.  Finding The Right People

We were committed to the goal of offering a great service and great products, we needed good people who are not only completely comfortable with both the adult baby and diaper lover communities, but also have all the customer care and business skills you need to make it work. That’s hard to find, but I think we nailed it.

2.  Dealing With Manufacturers

Very few ABDL products are manufactured in North America, so if you don’t have the financial resources to bring in 40’ shipping containers from Europe or Asia, or you don’t have great relationships with the domestic manufacturers to buy wholesale, you’re not going to get going very quickly.

Our 3rd party logistics provider ships out of the Toronto area, which is helpful for our Canadian ABDLs as the options up here aren’t as great as in the US.  We didn't want to leave our American friends out either, so voila!  A site that ships across border, how novel!  We are also offering up just about every adult diaper in a Fun Pack, so you can really customize your diaper stash.  We are always open to suggestions for products to carry, and will do our best to get them in.

We are a small but very efficient outfit, only 6 strong, but we are committed to offering you the best selection of both Adult Baby and Diaper Lover products.


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