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What's the Diaper Difference?

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The adult diaper industry has come a long way over the past decade, with manufacturers beginning to understand that diapers made to satisfy the needs of tiny babies may not be the same as what big babies (read: you) might want out of their perfect product. Plus, diaper companies that cater to the ABDL community are releasing more varieties that address your feedback (think Rearz), so make your wish list and keep those comments coming!

But while adult babies long for the comfort and protection offered by baby diapers, you can’t just create a bigger version and assume it’ll work the same on an adult body. There’s a few differences between the two categories that help provide you with a better fit, better security, and a better all-around experience. Can you think of any we’re missing?

1) Stealthy or noisy? Babies really don’t care whether their diapers make noise when they move – in fact, it’s downright adorable to hear that familiar sound as they scoot around! For some adult babies, however, that effect isn’t welcome or only wanted when they are at home during playtime. Whether you want to hear that crinkle or you’d rather keep what you’re wearing on the down-low, there’s a diaper to suit your personal preferences: for example, Crinklz and BetterDry are known for their noisy plastic backings, while Tranquility and MoliCare offer slim and silent options that will be your little secret!

2) Leveled-up absorbency. It’s obvious that with a bigger baby comes bigger messes, and more super-absorbent polymers (also known as SAP) in a diaper means it can hold more liquid. Some of the highest absorbency diapers that we carry boast up to a 5L capacity – perfect for those long days and even longer nights!

3) Move it – don’t lose it! Double adhesive tapes and specially designed cuts (especially around the legs) make for an adult baby diaper that will stay on better when moving around and provide the utmost security and protection. TENA’s Slip Active Fit and Forma-Care X-Plus are great examples of products that are made for the dimensions and range of motion of a busy adult body. We dare you to put them to the test!


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