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Diapers on the Silver Screen

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You kiddos know that when you’re looking for fun-time inspiration, you should look no further than Hollywood. These movies have all touched on our favorite topic: wetting, changing, and just having fun in your comfiest of diapers. Which ones are at the top of your must-see list?

Rough Night (2017): The fiancé of Scarlett Johansson’s character (played by Broad City’s Paul W. Downs) dons a diaper and finds out just how attractive it can make him to the right crowd.

The Baby (1973): This 1970s thriller stars a 21-year-old baby boy and bears the tagline “Horror is his formula!”

Human Nature (2001): Rhys Ifans (who you may know from Notting Hill) told Jay Leno that he had to walk down the street in a diaper for this role.

National Lampoon’s Pledge This! (2006): A group of sorority pledges parade around the house in diapers in this Paris Hilton flick – now who would consider that a humiliation?

Stop or My Mom Will Shoot! (1992): Sylvester Stallone dons a diaper for a sweet dream sequence. (Sadly, his fantasy doesn’t move into real life!)

Deuce Bigalow (1999): Playing a gigolo who is up for anything, Rob Schneider spends a scene in full baby attire – bonnet included!


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