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Diaper Picking 101

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The number-one question we get from new AB/DLs is “What makes a great diaper?” And we know exactly what you mean – a really, really great diaper, one that is secure and comfy but with the right amount of crinkle. 

The good news is that we cater to the diaper-lover side of the community by offering a wide variety of thick and crinkly adult diapers. Diaper Lovers generally want a plain white diaper with either 1 or 2 tabs per side, and are often indifferent to wetness indicators – they just want a product that works! There is a sense of security in knowing you have a diaper on that will last through anything and will still uphold its shape: plastic, classic, and comfortable!

We asked what you like best about adult baby diapers, as well as what appeals to the diaper lovers. (We all know they can be very different things.) These are some of the favorites, straight from you DLs. (Can’t decide which you want? Our Fun Packs are the sweetest, easiest way to figure out just what feels right on you.)

1.Rearz InControl – Plain white with 2 tapes per side, these are extra loud and crinkly, and ridiculously absorbent – able to hold over 5 liters! They also have tall leg guards and elastic in the front and back for that extra-secure feeling. Our current stock has a wetness indicator, but we’ve been told that won't be on our future shipments. (Woo hoo!)

2.Abena M4/L4 – Also known as White Foils, these guys are mostly white with a little branding – a classic with all Diaper Lovers. Usually worn in the daytime, as they are more discreet under clothing, they provide a little crinkle without drawing attention to yourself. Even better, their plastic backs also help with odor control. Don't be fooled, though – these guys can hold about 4 liters, so they can be used overnight as well.

3.ConfiDry 24/7 - Talk about an extended-wear diaper! Promising up to 12 hours between changes (maxing out at about 2 to 3 liters), these are super-thick diapers with a functional and fashionable high-rise waist. Plus, your skin will feel baby-soft and supple, thanks to ConfiDry’s powerful absorption system.


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