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Diaper Drawer's Most Absorbent Diapers

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Looking for the most absorbent adult diaper on the market? Look no further as our team has made a list of the best diapers on Diaper Drawer that can hold the most capacity! Read on to see our countdown in order of absorbency... you might be surprised with which diaper can hold the most.


#6. Crinklz Animal Print Adult Baby Diapers – 4L

Our first pick is the Crinklz Animal Print Adult Baby Diapers. These diapers hold an amazing capacity of 4L –perfect for extended and nighttime use! As a plus, the diapers are printed with cute cuddly animal friends and also come with a wetness indicator.

#5. Abena Abri-Form Plastic Adult Diapers – 4L

Our next diaper is always a favourite for those who prefer plain diapers. The Abena Abri-Form Plastic Adult Diapers are plastic backed so you still get a little crinkle, yet are less bulky than most of the diapers on this list. The leak guard protection allows the diaper to hold up to 4L of liquid!

#4. Bambino Bellissimo Adult Baby Diapers – 4.2L

Following Abena we have the Bambino Bellissimo Adult Baby Diapers. This diaper has extreme absorbency that can hold up to 4.2L! These super thick diapers are also amazingly soft and come with an adorable print featuring pretty flowers and fun animal characters.

#3. Rearz Inspire Adult Diapers – 4.5L

If you are looking for the most absorbent diaper, then Rearz is the way to go! With the Rearz Inspire Adult Diapers you get a super thick plain diaper that can hold up to 4.5L in capacity. Due to their 4th generation SAP, the diapers absorb liquid so fast that you won’t even believe it. These diapers are extremely durable, and retain liquid to keep you dry.

#2. Rearz Safari Adult Baby Diapers – 5L

The list gets better and better! The Rearz Safari Adult Baby Diapers can hold an unbelievable 5L in capacity! Leave it to Rearz to create a super absorbent and thick diaper which also features a cute safari animal print. The cheeky diapers are super soft and make playtime even more fun.

#1. Rearz Incontrol Adult Diapers – 4.8-5.3L

Finally, we have saved the best for last. You may be surprised to hear that the Rearz Incontrol Adult Diapers are the most absorbent diaper we carry. These diapers hold a whopping liquid capacity of 4.8-5.3L! You will have a whole lot of fun with these plush, smooth, and soft diapers that retain liquid like no other.

Don’t forget –you can always add an additional 1.3L to your diaper by doubling up with the Rearz Incontrol Booster Pads. These awesome pads catch the liquid first and fill to capacity before allowing the urine to pass through to the diaper.


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